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Two New Jewish Discrimination Lawsuits Filed in the United States

October 20th, 2023

The Amish religion and its place in American law
The Jewish population in the United States continues to face religious discrimination as two recent cases reveal.

In the modern era, most religious lawsuits that capture public attention involve the Christian faith. Examples include lawsuits over abortion, same-sex marriages, and other issues that may clash with conservative Christian values. However, many religious lawsuits involve the Jewish faith, and these legal issues deserve our attention as well. Although the Jewish population in the United States is much smaller than the Christian population, it is important for all faiths to unite and fight together for their mutual religious freedoms. 

Jews Claim They are Being Blocked From Purchasing in Elite Neighborhood

On August 14, 2023, it was reported that Jewish property buyers had filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against an exclusive Long Island town for blocking their purchase. The town in question is Atlantic Beach, which has become one of the most popular destinations for young, wealthy buyers who want oceanfront property near Manhattan. A Jewish group called the Chabad of the Beaches decided to invest in some of this property and were days away from closing a deal on property worth approximately $1 million. 

They then claim that their purchase was “suddenly blocked” without reason in 2021, leading them to believe that the decision was influenced by their Jewish faith. Apparently, the town blocked the purchase after discovering the buyers were part of a Hasidic organization. The town’s mayor claims that this lawsuit is simply a tactic to try and force the sale and that the group did not wish to engage in a bidding war with other buyers. 

DC Jail Sued for Not Providing Kosher Meals to Jewish Inmates

In other news, a jail in Washington, DC was recently sued for not providing Jewish inmates with Kosher meals. Allegedly, the jail in question refused to provide these inmates with the meals unless they externally verified their Jewish faith. The lawsuit points out that Christian and Muslim inmates are not subject to these requirements at the jail and that they can simply verbally affirm their faiths in order to receive the appropriate meals. 

One Jewish inmate stated:

“My Jewish faith is one of the few things that has sustained me during this tough time in my life while I’ve been locked up. It’s discriminatory and wrong for Reverend Colbert and Chaplain Allen, who are people of faith themselves, to deny me the opportunity to keep kosher by imposing proof requirements that don’t apply to people of other religions.”  

The correctional industry in the United States is highly profit-driven, and kosher meals have the potential to cost these organizations millions of additional dollars. Various reports have documented cases where prisoners lie about having a Jewish faith in order to get access to kosher meals. In the prison community, it is widely believed that kosher meals are better tasting with safer and healthier ingredients. 

The Universal Life Church respects all faiths, and it is one of the few religious organizations in the United States that accepts people from virtually any background or religion. 

The Universal Life Church Accepts People from All Walks of Life

While various towns, prisons, and other organizations throughout the United States may not be accepting of some religious practices, the Universal Life Church is one place where all faiths are recognized and accepted. This includes Jewish practices. There is no reason we cannot all practice our beliefs together, so get in touch today to learn about your legal rights as a religious individual in the United States and let’s fight for justice together.  

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