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Archdiocese of Baltimore Strategically Files for Bankruptcy to Avoid Abuse Lawsuits

The process to start your own religion in the United States is actually quite straightforward if you set your mind to it.

November 14th, 2023

Many companies in the United States use bankruptcy laws in a highly strategic manner, and this strategy can help them avoid a range of potential consequences – including lawsuits. We’ve seen it before with Johnson & Johnson’s famous “Texas Two-Step” bankruptcy maneuver, and this is hardly anything new. But eyebrows were raised recently when a Read More

Hate Crimes and Churches – A Historical Connection, Anew

hate crimes

December 17th, 2015

It is an unfortunate part of American history that has inexorably linked religious institutions with actions caused by bigoted hatred.  What history teaches us is that whenever someone with hate in their heart wants to send a message, they typically do so with a violent act such as what recently happened in South Carolina.  Congregations Read More