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Veteran Beheads Baphomet Statue in Iowa

December 29th, 2023

A Christian man recently admitted to vandalizing a Pagan statue at the Iowa State Capital to express his disapproval.

A veteran recently admitted to beheading a Baphomet statue inside the Iowa State Capital, calling his actions “Christian civil disobedience.” This has not stopped him from facing criminal charges of criminal mischief in the fourth degree, but numerous individuals – including local Satanists – aren’t exactly happy. This has sparked a wider debate over potential double standards for different religions in the United States. 

Veteran Accepts Responsibility for Vandalism of Satanist Statue

A Navy veteran admits that he vandalized the statue of a Baphomet in the Iowa State Capital Building, stating that he was influenced by his Christian beliefs in the act of destruction. After beheading the statue, he proceeded directly to security staff and admitted that he was the one who committed the crime. 

This comes at a time when statues regularly cause disputes among the American public. Many other statues have been torn down, defaced, and vandalized throughout the years. These acts are often framed as acts of political protest – even when directed against statues of America’s founders. 

DeSantis Promises to Help with Legal Fees

Many leading politicians have expressed support for this Navy veteran, and Governor DeSantis of Florida has already offered to help pay for the ex-soldier’s legal fees. It is worth noting that despite many Americans expressing distaste at the presence of a Satanist statute, the veteran has still been charged with a criminal offense. Specifically, he has been charged with fourth-degree criminal mischief. 

How Did a Satanist Statue End Up in the Iowa Capitol?

The statue appeared in the Iowa Capitol due to a seemingly inclusive law that allowed any religious organization to place a display within the building. Those who wrote the law probably never expected that it would lead to a Baphomet statue in their government building, but there was seemingly very little they could do to stop the Satanists from taking this action. It is worth noting that the law still stands, which means that the Satanists could simply repair the statue without any real legal battles. 

What Exactly IS a Baphomet, Anyway?

According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, a Baphomet is a pagan idol that was never actually worshiped by any religious group in antiquity. However, Baphomet worship was one of the many allegations faced by the Knights Templar, who were prosecuted by the Catholic Church and the infamous Inquisition during the medieval times – probably because the Templars had amassed far too much power and influence. With this military order representing a real threat to the Vatican, the Inquisition drummed up bogus accusations – relying on the good old-fashioned allegation of Satan worship to end the Templars once and for all. 

In the late 1800s, the Baphomet was revisited by new-age Satanists, who used it as an occult icon for their new religion. One of the most well-known users of the icon was Aleister Crowley, and today, the Satanic Temple uses the Baphomet frequently. It is a goatlike, hermaphroditic creature with both human and animal parts. It is often pictured with wings and a pentagram on its chest or forehead. 

The Universal Life Church Respects Diverse Faith Backgrounds

The Universal Life Church (ULC) respects people from all different faith backgrounds. Although the situation in Iowa has critics on both sides, we encourage everyone to strive to do that which is right and respect diverse points of view. To learn more about the Universal Life Church, do not hesitate to reach out. 

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