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Posts tagged ‘same-sex parents’


Kansas Same-Sex Couple Struggles to be Listed as Parents on Birth Certificate

A same-sex couple in Kansas has been denied the right to be listed on their child's birth certificate due to discriminatory intent.

February 1st, 2022

Almost 7 years after the Obergefell decision, parts of the country are still deciding how to address some aspects of family life for LGBTQ+ individuals. Parents, as well as prospective parents, are still denied equal rights under the law in various situations. The following considers challenges faced by an LGBTQ+ couple in Kansas who are Read More

Same-Sex Couple Challenges Nebraska Over Parental Rights

Two Nebraska women are suing the state over their parental rights as they claim the state discriminates against same-sex couples.

November 16th, 2021

Two women in Omaha and their children recently initiated legal action against the state of Nebraska’s health department after the department rejected the women’s request to be named as legal parents on their sons’ birth certificates. This case questions the role of parental rights held by LGBTQ+ couples. How the Case Arose In 2002, the Read More