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Non-Denominational Ordination on the Rise

March 13th, 2013

Non-Denominational Ordination, Universal Life Church, ULC ChurchThe number of people turning away from traditional churches has never been higher in our society. However, interest in spirituality itself is continuing to increase, and many people are seeking a more personal spiritual path. Following a flock just doesn’t have the same depth of meaning that most people today are searching for in their lives, and because many are looking for ways to be active participants in their own spiritual experience, non-denominational ordination is on the rise. The Universal Life Church is the choice of many who desire to explore spirituality rather than just follow a path that’s been beaten by others. Non-denominational spirituality recognizes that many paths may exist to the same goal and that no religion is superior or more effective than another.

Along with an increased desire for personalized spiritual paths, those who are getting married prefer that the ceremony be performed by someone from among their family and friends. Non-Denominational ordination through the ULC Church is an excellent way for those who want to play an active role in the weddings of family and friends.

The Universal Life Church believes in supporting religious freedom.  Online ordination is a simple process that only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require a monetary fee. The ULC Church also offers the appropriate legal documents required by your local government, a guide to performing wedding ceremonies and a section on marriage laws. Popular books and other training materials are also available for those seeking inspiration concerning performing unique and meaningful wedding ceremonies.

A marriage is not legal unless something called a “Declaration of Intent” is involved in the vows. A Declaration of Intent is simply the part where the officiating minister asks each person whether they take the other as their lawfully wedded spouse and the following exchange of “I do’s.” Other than that, the words of the wedding ceremony can be anything that the couple decides. Officially completing a wedding ceremony also involves a small amount of paperwork that varies depending on which county the marriage is being performed in. Aspiring ministers can find a list of those laws by state on the website of the Universal Life Church.

Many traditional religions hold strict definitions of marriage so an authentic need exists for non-denominational ordination. Even people who were raised in households with strong religious traditions are beginning to prefer unconventional marriage ceremonies because they are looking for a more personalized experience.

Marriage is a legal ceremony that nonetheless has great private meaning to those who choose to forever join their lives together. The trend away from staunchly traditional services is reflected in the growing need for those ordained through the ULC Church.



  1. Jenifer says:

    I like this post! In addition, thank you for this website, it is nice to have the legality of our church spelled out. The other ULC’s do not have that, and that’s why I picked this one.


    • Rev. John Whitehouse says:

      there is another ULC? did you mean online ordination church?
      I found a couple they wanted a lot of money to issue an ordination. Seems silly to me since ordination is a calling not a tangible product.

  2. Rev. John Whitehouse says:

    I like this post as well. My mother actually paid for my certificate so that I can perform her wedding in August. I was ordained and I told her about it. When she was trying to find a minister that would do her ceremony at the location she chose. I told her I am an Ordained Minister all I need is the certificate to take down to the county office. We ordered it and now I am officially a minister recognized by the state not just the church 😉 I have unfortunately been blessed with migraines so I can’t perform as regularly the duties as other ministers canbut at least I can do this much for my mother.

  3. Javier says:

    Jerry and I enjoy reading your uptade letters and your posts on FB. We are enjoying you and your family being at Third Street this week, too. God is in control and it is such a blessing to see how you and your wife are trusting the Lord in the situation with your unborn child. I know that, at times, it must be hard. I know our Pastor is praying for yall and we are, too. God makes no mistakes.

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