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New Legal Developments Across U.S. Schools

October 10th, 2023

Muslim and Christian parents filed suit against their kids' school for not allowing them to opt out of lessons on gender and sexuality.
The intersection between religion and education has always been a tricky subject in U.S. schools as evidenced by recent developments.

Religion and education have always had a fraught relationship in U.S. schools. Technically speaking, America has no state religion. Because of this, any overlap between federal funding and religion is seen as a potential constitutional violation. However, this does not mean that children cannot experience religious teachings alongside other educational lessons on math, English, and other subjects. Recently, some lawsuits and legal developments have shown just how complex this situation can become in the U.S. 

Mississippi Allows Religious Exemption for Childhood Vaccinations

As U.S. schools continue to recover from the lasting educational impact and pain of the pandemic, various states are taking different lessons away from the experience. Some governors seem to believe that the pandemic was handled properly, while others have expressed the opinion that it could have been handled differently. 

Mississippi is laying the groundwork for fewer vaccine mandates in the future, and recent developments across its school boards highlight this fact. The state now allows children and their parents to claim religious exemptions for virtually all childhood vaccinations. Normally, these vaccinations are administered at school. Under normal circumstances, refusal to take the vaccines may mean that children are no longer allowed to attend classes along with other students. 

Of course, parents may not have their religious exemptions approved by the state, even if they are allowed to attempt this route. In order to receive the exemption, the parents need to attend meetings with the health department, fill out documents, and wait for approval. They are also legally required to watch a special education video about the importance of vaccines. It’s worth mentioning that Mississippi is hardly unique in this area, as only five U.S. states across the nation do not offer religious exemptions for childhood vaccinations. 

Extra-Curricular Activities Continue to Cause Legal Issues in U.S. Schools

Another major talking point involves extra-curricular activities. Constitutional issues have often prevented religious clubs from meeting on the property of U.S. schools, but these restrictions are frequently challenged. One such challenge came when a Rhode Island school district was sued for religious discrimination after preventing the “Good News Club” from meeting on its properties. The lawsuit proved to be successful, and the district has been forced to allow the meetings to continue without interference. 

Those who helped bring this lawsuit to its conclusion stated:

“Public schools cannot discriminate against Christian viewpoints regarding use of school facilities. Child Evangelism Fellowship gives children a biblically based education that includes moral and character development. Good News Clubs should be in every public elementary school.”

In a similar case, parents of parochial school students in Pennsylvania decided to sue their school district, claiming that it prevented their children from participating in extra-curricular activities due to their religious beliefs. The school board claims that preventing the students from participating in these events would unfairly drain funding away from students who attend normal, non-religious district schools. However, some claim that this argument doesn’t hold up, as home-schooled students are allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities without any issues. 

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