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judo and religion

August 3rd, 2012

Judo and religion clash at the Olympics

Judo training, selective focus, canon 1Ds mark III

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  1. Hafiz says:

    Again it’s about what your church wants to focus on I would say there are no right and wrgons well that’s another topic! We want to worship, which means time to pray together / sing praises together / hear God’s word together / and remember the Cross together.But if I rolled in with Hillsongs styled worship & Driscoll type preaching it would freak people out. I am not saying these are bad types of ministry however I’m ministering in N&W Belfast not Australia or Seattle. We can forget this at times! There are a few carbon copy churches out there rather than be contextualized to where we minister.In terms of the singing I like traditional hymns as they focus more on God, and we try to not sing for long periods of time as men, especially in N. Irish culture feel uncomfortable with this, and older people find it difficult to stand.It’s about balance and remembering that it’s about Jesus and not our consumerist cultural longings for cool church.

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