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November 6th, 2012

ULC minister starts a church

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  1. Frank says:

    I have watched the news about this event from afar. I don’t rlaley know what has been happening in the Minnesota South District, so I am frankly perplexed.If the district board that approved this decision was intending to expand campus ministry in Minnesota South, as it appears to have intended by its Campus Ministry Plan, then it is like Aesop’s fable of the dog looking at itself in the pond. It dropped the piece of meat it already had in its mouth, in order to grab the one it saw in the pond’s reflection, and lost the only meat that it rlaley possessed.If the district Board that approved this decision did so because of financial pressures, as it appears to have done according to its own minutes, then it should have brought this decision before its congregations, either in a survey, or in a discussion at Conference or Convention.I am afraid that this will have alienated the members of the congregation at University Lutheran Chapel to the point that they will not return, and may give up on the Lutheran church altogether. I pray that none are lost to our church in this way.I hope that other district’s Board of Directors will not perpetuate these mistakes, even as they face their own significant financial challenges. These are hard times financially all around, but this is not a time to panic. We should make decisions bilaterally and as much as by consensus as possible. That is the Missouri Synod way.Yours in Christ, Martin R. Noland(Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Evansville, Indiana)

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