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Posts tagged ‘Establishment Clause’


Teacher Loses Appeal Regarding Religious Expression in the Classroom

A teacher's desk with an apple

December 13th, 2016

A New York teacher recently had a case heard in Second Circuit Court of Appeals court concerning the display of religious items in her classroom. The lower court previously ruled against the teacher. Individuals who are interested in the ongoing debate about religious expression in the classroom should understand some information about this case. Backgrounds Read More

Legal Basis for Non Denominational Ordination Parity

Sikh man with non denominational ordination from the ULC

October 10th, 2012

Non Denominational Ordinations are Different but the Same The Universal Life Church’s non denominational ordination is fundamentally different from the ordinations issued by the Catholic, Lutheran and Baptist churches in that they allow those who hold them to adhere to the practices and beliefs of many different religions. A ULC minister is thus able to Read More